Elia LaNoire Art Jewellery

Hi, I am Elia.
I am an architect, educated in London. I have been making things since forever, like paintings, drawings, lampshades and jewellery. I began to design and make jewellery for fun in 2012, and took a full time occupation in 2014, when I quit my job as an architect, kissed the office life goodbye and began to form a small studio & shop in my home town Athens, Greece.
I am a minimalist, obsessed with spheres and sculptural forms but also love gemstones and their unique nature. Also a huge fan of Art Deco.
I try to create one of a kind and limited edition pieces that will catch the eye but will be also easily worn, minimal but eclectic, with a touch of the architect's aesthetic.
Thanks for visiting my shop. I hope you enjoy my work!

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