Elia LaNoire 

I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. I acquired French education and studied architecture in London. I began my second career as a jeweller in 2012 when I decided to quit office work and fully commit to art. I see jewellery making as sculpture and use gemstones as structural pieces that form a unity. I have participated in goldsmiths seminars and gained knowledge in understanding metals, silver specifically. To achieve a complex yet lightweight result, I use high quality Japanese steel wire to connect my gems and silvers, a technique I have been using for years. I started working with wire in my early days as a basic module, now I am using it in the structure of most pieces. My main inspiration generates from architectural forms and minimalism. I use high quality gemstones, handpicked in the local market, my silver findings are also handpicked from local wholesalers in downtown Athens. I try to match design with quality to offer a touch of affordable luxury. All jewellery is designed and handcrafted in my studio in Athens, Greece. Thank you for visiting my shop.

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